• Interdiction problems
    • Knapsack (tar.gz, 721MB)
    • Shortest path (tar.gz, 347MB)
    • Capacitated facility location (tar.gz, 8MB)
  • Capacitated location-routing problem (tar.gz, 62KB)
  • Two-echelon capacitated location-routing problem (tar.gz, 64KB)
  • Dynamic bike-sharing balancing problem (tar.gz, 264KB)
  • Quadratic capacitated vehicle routing problem (tar.gz, 62MB)
  • Vehicle routing problem with time windows (tar.gz, 207KB)
  • Vertex p-center problem (tar.gz, 33MB)
  • Single source capacitated facility location (zip, 10MB)
  • Geometric set-cover problems (bz2, 148MB)
  • Pickup and delivery problem with transfers: unfortunately these instances are gone for good 🙁

Source codes